Anti-Bullying Video Challenge - Geordie Theatre

School Tour 2013-2014

Bullying is a huge part of the day to day lives of students and there are many opinions on how to stop it or how to overcome it. But what do you, the students, think? What steps should we all be taking to put an end to bullying? Or, perhaps more realistically, how can someone who’s being bullied find the strength to overcome it?

We want to know what you have to say so here’s our challenge…

  1. Create your own video about bullying (suggested length 2 minutes) and let your opinion be heard. You could answer one or more of the questions above, share a personal expe­rience, create a movie or music video or news broadcast. You could do it alone or with some friends or with the whole school. Anything goes, just remember to be creative and have fun!
  2. Get your video to us! You can post it onto Youtube or Vimeo then send the link to Geordie Productions. Or, you can send it directly to us with a letter of consent from your parents. Please send your video links or videos to
  3. We’ll post your video on our online School Tour Blog, so that students everywhere can hear what you have to say about bullying. Additionally, each month we will choose one video to fea­ture as the video of the month.

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

Please note: Geordie Productions will only post videos that we deem non-offensive and suitable to the discussion.

Check out the video blog!