Derwent is Different - Geordie Theatre

Written by Jamie Norris

Directed by Amanda Kellock

Designed by Beth Kates and Ben Chaisson


Derwent Final Gradient Border 150 dpi

A Jesse Richardson award winner that premiered at Green Thumb Theatre in Vancouver, this play deals with bullying and the pain of being unique, silent and different.

Derwent and Ramona have been friends forever, but today she wrote him a note saying they can’t be friends anymore because he’s just too weird. In response, Derwent creates a video for her, and in the process he reveals that another student has been bullying him for months — the same student that got Ramona to write the note. The odds are stacked against him, but Derwent’s courage shines in the end, and there is hope that he will indeed be able to break the pattern of violence he has gotten caught in.

Derwent is Different will play in Elementary schools all over Eastern Canada from September 2013 through April 2014. To book the show for your school contact:

Jessica Abdallah – Education and Outreach Manager
514-845-9810  or at