Head à Tête - Geordie Theatre

Head a Tete promo from Geordie Productions on Vimeo.

by David S. Craig & Robert Morgan 

Directed by Alain Goulem

Working under the theme of the need to share we have asked Alain Goulem to come back and direct a production for Geordie again. Al has been a great friend to Geordie and his shows have made us laugh and think. This time he brings David S. Craig and Robert Morgan’s great show Head à Tête to the Centaur 1 theatre.


Head à Tête is set in a future world where people are left alone to fight for their survival. One day two strangers who speak different languages- one French one English- meet and find shelter together beside a tree that has magically produced some fruit. They need to try and find a way to communicate and find a way to share. It’s a beautiful play with something for everyone. The play is for people big and small aged 4 and up. Two incredible performers and an amazing team of artists will create this simple but important story.


Recommended for ages 4 and up

April 12 – 21, 2013
at the Centaur Theatre ~ 453 St Francois-Xavier
for tickets please call the box office at 514-845-9810
or go to https://tickets.geordie.ca to buy online


Show times

Weekend Shows for Everyone

  • Fri, April 12 @ 7pm (Opening Night) SOLD OUT!
  • Sat, April 13 @ 3pm
  • Sun, April 14 @ 1pm (D. & Cookies)
  • Sun, April 14 @ 3pm
  • Sat, April 20 @ 1pm
  • Sat, April 20 @ 3pm (Post-show Talk Back with Christine Long of CTV)
  • Sun, April 21 @ 1pm (Fives for Free)
  • Sun, April 21 @ 3pm
Weekday Shows for School Groups & the Public

  • Thurs, April 11 @ 10am – SOLD OUT
  • Fri, April 12th @ 12pm – Limited Seats Left!
  • Tues, April 16 @ 10am – SOLD OUT
  • Tues, April 16 @ 12pm – Limited Seats Left!
  • Wed, April 17 @ 10am – SOLD OUT
  • Wed, April 17 @ 12pm – Limited Seats Left!
  • Thurs, April 18 @ 10am – Limited Seats Left!
  • Thurs, April 18 @ 12pm – SOLD OUT
  • Fri, April 19 @ 10am – SOLD OUT
  • Fri, April 19 @ 12pm – SOLD OUT