Jabber will be touring of Eastern Canada and the United States February to April of 2017 and then will have a more extensive tour of the United States during the 2017-18 season.

Written by Marcus Youssef
Directed by Amanda Kellock

Jabber is brought to you by Geordie Productions who has just celebrated their 35th season as Montreal’s leading English language Theatre for Young Audience’s company. Geordie currently runs Canada’s largest annual theatre tour, lasting 7 months while travelling an average of 17,500 miles and presenting over 200 performances. Jabber tells the story of a 16 year old Egyptian girl whose parents transfer her to a new school when one morning some graffiti saying “All Muslims must die” is found on the school wall. At her new school she is the only person wearing a hijab. Through its use of humor, its relevance, and its creativity, Jabber has already engaged over 40,000 teens, teachers and parents in meaningful discussions on the judgments we make based on differences.

Each performance comes with an optional 10 - 15 minute post-show talk back session led by the actors.

Additionally, we have a variety of workshops that explore the prevalent themes in Jabber which can be held as a way to prepare for the show or to explore further after the show. These workshops can be held in-school or with the community. Some of the themes that these workshops explore are stereotypes, perception, religion, tolerance, abuse, and regret.

Finally, we have a teachers’ study guide available for presenters to use as-is or to adapt for their specific market.

Praise for Jabber

  • High School Teacher, Vermont
    “I think it added value to the students' experience because it was straight to the heart of the matter in its delivery, very poignant, creative use of media/materials to add to the performance, overall and excellent performance!”
    High School Teacher, Vermont
  • Director of Portland Ovations in Maine
    ”Jabber was fantastic – smart, moving, engaging. Wow. SO MANY excited teachers & students.”
    Director of Portland Ovations in Maine
  • Student Matinee Series Coordinator, Vermont
    “We were thrilled to put on Jabber, and the response has been truly wonderful. One of our ushers, who’s been here for over a decade, said, hands down it was one of the best shows we’ve put on for student matinees: accessible, smart, relatable, phenomenally written and acted. And the feedback we are getting from our schools reiterates this sentiment.”
    Student Matinee Series Coordinator, Vermont
  • “[Jabber] is not afraid to deal with difficult subject matter such as discrimination, domestic abuse, sexuality and the danger of online sharing on social media. Jabber is a great show to bring any high school aged student to.”
    Charlebois Post Review, November 2013


Touring History

For the past 35 years, we have regularly toured 2 shows across Eastern Canada for 7 months performing an average of 220 shows to over 40,000 kids. Jabber is our most successful touring show because the relevance of its story as well as the adaptability of its design allows us to perform for a variety of audiences and in a variety of venues. Jabber has performed in small rural communities with an audience of only 5 teens to large urban city centers with audiences of close to 1,000 teens. In 2014 we successfully toured Jabber to the Flynn Center in Vermont (1,411 seats) and Portland Ovations (512 seats) in Maine. We are currently building a 6-week tour of Jabber for March - April 2017 across Eastern Canada and Eastern U.S.

To discuss touring possibilities please contact:

Jessica Abdallah - Tour Coordinator