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Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk is looking to tour for both the 2016-17 and 2017-18 Seasons

Written by Cliff Cardinal
Directed by Dean Patrick Fleming

Best Friends Grace and Gary spend every day drawing a fantastical chalk world on the sidewalk in front of Grace’s house. As Gary struggles to deal with his parent’s separation he tells Grace they can’t spend time together anymore because she’s too little. He wants a separation from her! As things in their world shift, the chalk drawing beneath their feet opens up and sends them spiraling into the universe that they created. Now they must fight for a way home together and learn about what being best friends really means. Geordie brings a chalk world to life through interactive projections in this brand new play about friendship, teamwork, family relationships, and creativity.

Sidewalk Chalk has just completed a successful tour into schools performing 130 times to over 25,000 kids across Eastern Canada.

Each performance comes with an optional 10 - 15 minute post-show talk back session led by the actors.

Additionally, we have a variety of workshops that explore the prevalent themes in Sidewalk Chalk which can be held as a way to prepare for the show or to explore further after the show. These workshops can be held in-school or with the community. Some of the themes that these workshops explore are friendship, imagination, creativity, teamwork, relationships, family, magic, fantasy, classic character types, and divorce.

Finally, we have a teachers’ study guide available for presenters to use as-is or to adapt for their specific market.

Praise For Sidewalk Chalk

  • Kathryn Rothney (Teacher)
    “This production was one of the best I have seen from Geordie. It was engaging, fast paced and kept the students leaning forward with interest and excitement for the whole hour. The actors were very good and the message was relevant. The graphics and the way they were integrated into the show was fantastic and the students were amazed! Excellent show! Thanks!”
    Kathryn Rothney (Teacher)
    St. Francis Elementary School
  • Nicole Duranceau (Teacher)
    “From my point of view, and considering the students’ participation in the questions at the end, it was a real success from A to Z: your team is fantastic; the lesson we've learned from the script (and) the technology used as décor, everything was so "on the dot".”
    Nicole Duranceau (Teacher)
    Sutton Elementary School
  • Rosana Caplan (Teacher)
    “The children were very excited and happy about the play, the parents let us know that their children had enjoyed and discussed the play at home. Teachers reported that good discussions followed the play, on the themes of friendship, imagination, what is allowed and not allowed when you are imagining things, how imagination can help us work out problems...”
    Rosana Caplan (Teacher)
    Roslyn School
  • Kathy Vella (Teacher)
    “FANTASTIC!!! Sidewalk Chalk was amazing, the children were engaged and really connected with the theme, being an inner city school we can relate to many different hardships in life, one being separated parents and exclusion from peers.”
    Kathy Vella (Teacher)
    Gerald McShane Elementary School
  • Marquita Roberts (Teacher)
    “The show was presented to our Kindergarten to grade 6 classes. The students really enjoyed the production! They loved the fantasy aspect and the special effects with the stage. Many of my grade 1 students continued to discuss the show throughout the day! (...) The way the actors interacted with the screen was very interesting and a lot of the students were interested in how they did it.”
    Marquita Roberts (Teacher)
    Gaspé Elementary School


Touring History

For the past 35 years, we have regularly toured 2 shows across Eastern Canada for 7 months performing an average of 220 shows to over 40,000 kids. Sidewalk Chalk is one of our most popular touring shows because it of its strong story that is fun and carries a great message on friendship. It has wowed kids with its creative use of interactive projections. Sidewalk Chalk has performed in small rural communities with an audience of only 20 kids to large urban city centers with audiences of close to 500.
I have also attached our technical rider and an EPK and praise document and teacher’s study guide.


Jessica Abdallah - Tour Coordinator