Ana Fuerstenberg reviews The Odyssey for Rover Arts: “a great story beautifully realized by a group of stunning professionals.”

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Ana Fuerstenberg – May 13, 2015

When Paul Sills produced The Odyssey in Chicago in the 1970s, I thought I had seen the definitive version of this tale, until last night. Somehow, director Dean Patrick Fleming has pulled together a magnificent version of Homer’s famous legend.

In this new rendition by Geordie Productions adapted by Peter Smith, Odysseus is vulnerable, noble and touching. Quincy Armorer made his plight and voyage something with which everyone could identify. His yearning to return home was the yearning of all battle-weary soldiers.

Daniel Brochu was perfect and masterful as clown jester and buffoon. His performance was comic and graceful and full of whimsy. Susan Glover was regal as Penelope and fabulous as Athena, and then played a terrific second fiddle to Brochu as the crew member. Her transitions were lovely and touched with theatre magic. Karl Graboshas was a delightful villain and a truly interesting Cyclops, he filled the stage with his many manifestations and gave the play its heft.

Pippa Leslie was absolutely tantalizing as Circe. Her dance performance was as perfect as her acting. But it was as Tantalus, who is profoundly bereft of his father, that she touched some deep place in everyone. What a fine performance she gave, and how excellent she was in every part.

The set really worked in this play, and the lighting by Andrea Lundy was terrific; I was particularly impressed with the manifestation of Charybdis, and the two tiny bodies flung into the whirlpool. The costumes by Marija Djordjevic had a beauty which enhanced the universal quality of the play.

This was a great story beautifully realized by a group of stunning professionals. Grab your kids and head down to the Centaur as quickly as you can, before the entire run is sold out.

The Odyssey is presented at Centaur Theatre until May 18. For info or tickets call (514) 845-9810 or visit the Centaur online.