Welcome to my first ever blog.

I very rarely find myself with nothing to say or lacking an opinion on something so I will try and use this blog to put out some of my thoughts. I look forward to starting conversations with people who may find it interesting to follow the different Geordie Blogs. I will see if I can get some of the great artists we work with to come on here periodically and write and maybe we’ll get some of our staff to share their thoughts as well.

If there’s ever any topics you think would be interesting to read about please let us know and please don’t be shy to comment on things written here. The theatre is about dialogue not monologue. Whether you are a kid/teen that may have seen one of our shows, an emerging artist in school or just coming out, a parent, a teacher, or… please feel free to join in the conversation.

Stuff that’s coming up for me in the next couple of months:

  • in design meetings for Beethoven. Very excited about that as it is looking amazing so far. The casting is now set with Alex McCooeye, Lucinda Davis, Quincy Armorer, Leni Parker and Paul-Eric Hausknost being our storytellers.
  • Working hard at getting our next season programmed. Lots of ideas and now we are putting them altogether to see how they match up.
  • In March I’ll head to Calgary with our GM Lyndee to Alberta Theatre Project’s PlayRites Festival. 4 shows and some readings in one weekend!

So, lots going on for me with this stuff and more. I will come back on here soon and start talking about things that I am liking and disliking. Again, I look forward to some good conversations.