Note from AD

A word from Jimmy

As we step into the 44th season at Geordie Theatre, our dedication to nurturing the spark of imagination and understanding in young minds has never been more vibrant. This year, our programming underscores our commitment to addressing the pressing issues that shape the world our audiences navigate.

This season at Geordie Theatre is about entertainment; it’s also a platform for change, understanding, and growth. We tackle issues ranging from social justice and healthcare equity to technology’s impact on human relationships, all while celebrating the diverse voices that make up our world.

Our season opens with “The Wolves,” a dynamic portrayal of adolescence, teamwork, and the quest for identity, co-directed by Krista Jackson and myself. This Pulitzer Prize finalist, brought to life by a talented all-female cast, delves into the complexities of growing up in a world filled with challenges, from personal ambition to global awareness.

“Jordan,” by Yvette Nolan, brings forward the remarkable story of Jordan River Anderson and casts a spotlight on the systemic healthcare inequalities faced by Indigenous children. With this poignant script, we aim to spark conversations around Jordan’s Principle and the ongoing fight for equitable healthcare access, reflecting our dedication to social justice and community advocacy.

For our 2Play tour: “The Velveteen Rabbit,” penned by me and directed by former Geordie Artistic Director Dean Patrick Fleming, explores the intersections of technology, reality, and the human need for connection, while “Megalodon,” written by Omari Newton and Amy Lee Lavoie, uses humor and live music to navigate the waters of teenage grief and identity. Each play this season is carefully selected to challenge our perceptions and encourage dialogue among our diverse audiences.

Central to our mission this year is the Indigenous Artistic Growth Program. This program is not just an initiative but a commitment to enriching our theatre with Indigenous stories, voices, and perspectives. Our aim is to create a space that not only tells Indigenous stories but does so through an authentic and respectful lens, fostering understanding and reconciliation. Through partnerships with communities in Northern Quebec and engaging projects like our Kahnawake based “From You to Us to You,” and Nikanihk, we are dedicated to bringing Indigenous narratives to the forefront of Canadian theatre for young audiences.

As we embark on this exciting new season, your enthusiasm and support fuel our creative fires. So, here’s to laughter that echoes, conversations that spark change, and stories that stay with us long after the curtain falls. Thank you for being the heart of Geordie Theatre.

Jimmy Blais, Artistic Director