Stories by Hans Christian Andersen

Mainstage | 2009-2010

Discover the world of Hans Christian Andersen, one of the fathers of fairy-tale and creator of some of your favourite immortal stories in Geordie’s magical new production. With bits and pieces from Andersen’s famous and lesser known stories brilliantly woven together, this new play by contemporary Canadian playwright, Gina Wilkinson, celebrates a writer whose fanciful storytelling gave life and a voice to anything from flowers to storks to houses.

Story created by Micheline Chevrier & Gina Wilkinson
Written by Gina Wilkinson
Directed by Micheline Chevrier
Lights by Ana Cappelluto
Set & Costumes by Pierre-Etienne Locas
Sound by Peter Cerone
Stage Management by Melanie St-Jacques
Featuring: Daniel Brochu, Zach Fraser, Susan Glover, Amanda Kellock and Tristan D. Lalla