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Currently, Geordie is looking to fill a few positions on its volunteer Board of Directors and is seeking individuals eager to participate in championing the vision of Geordie Productions, helping to ensure this important English language Montreal institution reaches its full potential.

Geordie Theatre is one of Canada’s leading companies creating theatre for young audiences, currently producing and presenting a 4-5 play season with audiences of up to 60,000+ annually. Administratively housed in St-Henri in Montreal, Geordie has a 2Play Tour that covers 35,000 km of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick, and a 2 – 3 play Mainstage Series performed at the Monument-National in Downtown Montreal, and the D.B. Clarke Theatre at Concordia University. Its operating budget is approximately $1 million.
Board Members are expected to:
  • Act as an activist for Geordie, not merely an advocate. (Advocates and advisors are passive; activists are active)
  • Promote, support, or assist in the implementation of the theatre’s mission through active participation on the Board and with our committees and events
  • Stay informed about board and committee matters and prepare themselves well for Board meetings by reviewing all minutes and reports in advance
  • Get to know other members and build a collegial working relationship that contributes to the health and vitality of the Board and the organization
  • Rate Geordie as no lower than a third or fourth priority (1st is personal relationships, 2nd might be career, 3rd might be another charity or faith community work).
Board Members must:
  • Regularly attend board meetings (minimum 5) and important related meetings
  • Participate in fundraising activities by helping Geordie to develop and cultivate relationships
  • Commit to making a significant annual donation
  • Participate in Geordie’s Annual Fundraising Event:
  1.     Selling tickets
  2.      Attending or participating in the event (e.x. presentation, raffle pull…)
  3.      Soliciting sponsors/donors for events
  • Attend Mainstage production presentations (encouraged to attend opening night)
For more information, please contact
Mike Payette, Artistic Director or
Kathryn Westoll, Managing Director
at 514-845-9810.