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COVID-19 Statement & Updates

Dear Geordie Family,

Over the past few weeks our community abroad and here at home have been grappling with the evolving information surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on everyday life, how we work, and our households. Here at Geordie, we are committed to ensuring the safety of everyone who works with us, trains with us, or shares in the stories we present. We are a company that serves a multi-generational audience of imaginative people who care about the world around them and who inspire us every day to create and present stories that are enchanting and important to them. The welfare of our audience that is made up of many different ages, backgrounds and experiences is so imperative to us.

It is because of that that we have made the very difficult decision to end our 39 th season. The schools and families with whom we work with everyday are the core of everything we do, and we will do everything we can to ensure their safety. Our staff, our artists and our teachers are no different. They too have families to care and provide for, and their wellbeing allows the world of Geordie to operate and be able to give back. They work tirelessly to provide culture and entertainment to the young and young at heart, and during these complex times we offer our solidarity, strength and courage to all.

To that end, the following is a list of the programming and events that have been affected:

  • The remaining 2Play touring shows The Water Chronicles and Fear of Missing Out are cancelled.
  • The Mainstage Production Virginia Wolf is postponed.
  • All Geordie Theatre School classes and workshops are cancelled until further notice.
  • The 40 th anniversary Gin-tasting fundraiser is postponed.

Throughout the season, Geordie will remain responsive to your concerns or questions regarding this decision. We want nothing but to work with our audience and supporters to ensure a smooth and triumphant transition back when the dust has settled. In the meantime, the Geordie staff will be working remotely until we return to the office on April 6th . We are still very available by email.

For those of you who purchased tickets for any of these events we humbly ask you to consider using your purchase as a credit for our next season, which we will be announcing in May. Alternatively, we can turn your ticket purchase into a tax receiptable donation, or offer reimbursement. Please email Jennifer at with any questions you may have, or to discuss how you would like to move forward.

Our arts sector is hurting, but it will bounce back. Now is a time for us all to be informed and prepared, to feel safe and protected, and for us all to be kind to ourselves and to our neighbours. We will get through this, and we are optimistic that when we do, we will be able to do so with a community that is collectively stronger, safer and more vibrant than ever.

For further information on government resources and support, please feel free to visit the links below:

Federal Economic Response Plan
Federal Support for Individuals
Federal Work Sharing Overview
Provincial Information Re: Coronavirus
Provincial Temporary Aid for Workers Program
PACT COVID-19 Resources
QDF COVID-19 Resources

CALQ Resources:

Emergency Support for Artists Currently Funded (Form - French Only) // Contact CALQ by email
Emergency Support for Organizations Currently Funded (Form - French Only) // Contact CALQ by email

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