David Perreault Ninacs - Geordie Theatre
Benjamin Gerlis
January 26, 2011
Michel Perron
January 26, 2011

David Perreault Ninacs

A graduate of the National Theatre School, David began his career designing for The
Other Theatre, collaborating with Stacy Christodoulou since 1997 on such shows as
Kaspar, Human Collision/ Atomic Reaction (for which he won a MECCA Award),
Carlos in Therapy, Galapagos, La Fievre, Le Pleureur designé, Macbeth and, this
coming February, the French translation of Greg MacArthur’s Recovery, Réhabilitation.
In 2000, he worked with Clowns Gone Bad for the first time, lighting their production of
Ümlout directed by Alain Goulem. For Diving Horse Creations, he designed Croisades,
La Leçon, and Elizavieta Bam, which traveled to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

He has collaborated with Peter Hinton, designing GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!, A Doll House,
and Imago Theatre’s 2004 production Snowman. For Infinitheatre, he designed Barnacle
Wood (another MECCA Award), and Death and Taxes, both directed by Guy Sprung; as
well as The Facts Behind The Helsinki Roccamatios directed by Bruce Smith. In 2002,
he worked with Douglas Campbell designing the Piggery season of Twelfth Night, Tango,
and The Fantastiks.

From 2005 to 2007, David designed for the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal at
Theatre Maisonneuve. In 2007 he renewed his collaboration with director Téo Spychalski
on Trans-Atlantique for FTA, as well as with Imago Theatre on Isadora Fabulist!. David
works with choreographer Melanie Demers, as a designer on Angles Morts and Sauver
sa peau. David also enjoys a career as a singer/songwriter with the band major D.

For Geordie Productions: Edmund the Terrible Raccoon, MöcShplat


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