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Marcel Jeannin
January 10, 2011
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January 17, 2011

Elsa Bolam

Elsa Bolam is the founding Artistic Director of Geordie Productions. Elsa was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, where she began her career working in different capacities at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford and London. After directing freelance with many English theatre companies, she became a television director at the BBC in London. She then came to Canada, where she taught at the National Theatre School, helped found the Centaur Theatre, and continued to direct at theatres such as Theatre Calgary, Theatre Plus in Toronto, Sudbury Theatre Centre, Magnus Theatre, the Globe Theatre in Regina, and others.

In 1980 Elsa founded Geordie Productions, and was artistic director of the company until 2006.

In October 2002, Avon Canada recognized Elsa Bolam as a “Woman of Inspiration” in the field of Arts and Culture, and in 2003 she was also awarded a Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal. The Montreal English Critics’ Circle honoured Elsa in 2005 with a distinction award in ‘recognition of her work nurturing young stage talent and taking theatre to far-flung audiences’.

Elsa was named to the Order of Canada at the end of 2008

Elsa Bolam is the Founding Artistic Director of Geordie Productions


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