Today’s post comes from James Douglas, Geordie’s School Tour Stage Manager, as they wrap up their 7-month long tour:

Wow, it’s been a wild ride…we have returned from our crazy trip out east to the Gaspé safe and sound..some nice photos of Percé rock. For the most part we were blessed with nice weather. Lots of driving. After the harrowing week before of crammed in shows and few real lunch breaks, it was nice to get out to the country where we had a bit more time to stretch out. We were treated to a traditional thanksgiving dinner at Mac Dale’s B&B in Hope. While we were there, two calves were born in their barn. One just a few days before on St. Patty’s day, named Patty. And another Wednesday morning before we had breakfast.

Adam & Charlotte at the Perce rock, Gaspé

In New Richmond, it turned out to be a Ped day because it was culture day, so with the kids were off from school, only a fraction of them showed up to the show. Some parents came. But oddly enough there were kids there from Baie Comeau and The Magdalen Islands who had already seen the show!

At Metis Beach we performed in the old community hall on the old beach road. This week is our last and today we do the long awaited show at Dawson. It will be interesting to see the response of this audience to I Don’t Like Mondays.

Adam and Charlotte are well and looking forward to a long sleep on the weekend after we put it all away on Friday afternoon. Farewell for now and take care – James.