Financial Assistance - Geordie Theatre

Financial Assistance

Did you know the provincial government offers resources to finance cultural outings for school groups? These resources can help your school come see Geordie Theatre’s Mainstage productions in theatres such as Monument-National and the D.B. Clarke Theatre. To pursue these bursaries, we suggest you contact the coordinator of cultural activities at your school or school board to assist you in applying.

Culture in the Schools Program
Ministry of Education (MEES), measure 15186

With a budget of $9.2 m, this measure provides financial support exclusively for cultural outings. The bursary offers an amount of funds for each student; it can cover fees for admission and transportation to Geordie’s performances. More info here.
École Inspirante
Ministry of Education (MEES), measure 15230

This newly introduced measure budgeted at $27 m provides an amount of funds to each student for educational outings. Complete with study guides and talkbacks, Geordie offers an enriching educational experience with each of its Mainstage productions. Like Culture à l’école, this measure can cover fees for admission and transportation to Geordie’s performance. For more info, contact MEES’s Director of Financial Aid at (418) 528-7406.
Mesure d’aide au transport
Arts Council of Quebec (CALQ)

This bursary unrelated to MEES offers you a reduction of up to 40% for transport costs related to a cultural activity. Apply to this bursary once you have reserved your tickets. More info here.