Several of our productions are available to tour nationally and internationally into theatres, production houses, and even schools. Please follow links below to get more information on our touring shows including descriptions, pictures, promo videos, and more. Or, contact Artistic Associate Jessica Abdallah for tech specs and rates. 

Are you a school in the Quebec, Ontario or Maritime regions and looking for a show to come into your school? If yes, click here for information on our current season touring plays for schools.

The Mountain

By Chelsea Woolley
Directed by Arianna Bardesono

Aya, the lady adventurer - “not a princess because princesses are stuck up” - just wants to go home. She is a refugee and that means she is not from here. She’s tired of Canada, and wants to go back to her great and magical valley, far, far away. The only problem is, her dad won’t answer her phone calls, she’s broke, and the lonely boy she’s found to be her side-kick doesn’t want to help. A beautiful and timely show for young people about fear, bullies, war, and the mountain we must climb together, as one, to find peace.

Pinky Swear

By Kalale Dalton-Lutale
Dramaturgy by Emma Tibaldo
Directed by Mike Payette
Developed in partnership with Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal

On the last day of school, Bailey and Zanele meet up in the girls’ washroom to determine if they have been accepted into the same middle school. What follows is a beautiful coming-of-age story – set in real time - of two young women considering separate paths and where politics of gender, race, and class come to the surface, revealing an unconditional friendship that is put through the ultimate test.