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Several of our productions are available to tour nationally and internationally into theatres, production houses, and even schools. Please follow links below to get more information on our touring shows including descriptions, pictures, promo videos, and more. Or, contact Artistic Associate Jessica Abdallah for tech specs and rates. 

Are you a school in the Quebec, Ontario or Maritime regions and looking for a show to come into your school? If yes, click here for information on our current season touring plays for schools.
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Elementary Show

Recommended Age: 6 to 12 years
English-language Premiere
Little Witch

By Pascal Brullemans
Translated by Alexis Diamond
Directed by Arianna Bardesono

Developed with the support of the 2017 Banff Centre Playwrights Lab Touring in Quebec, Ontario & the Maritimes
September 2018 – April 2019

Deep in the woods lived Little Witch, her beloved cat and her mother, Old Witch. One day, the ailing Old Witch find an ogre caught in a trap. As a reward for saving him, Old Witch strikes a deal with the ogre to take care of her daughter when she is gone. All too soon, Little finds herself living in the ogre’s kingdom. However, when Little Witch encounters the curious Hunter Boy near the new home, the ogre's appetite takes over. Little Witch, helped by the sage words of her mother, is forced to make a choice: to save the boy, to save herself, or choose another path; a decision that illuminates the power she had within herself all along.

A heartwarming, poetic and thrilling fable for children about big choices, Little Witch features highly imaginative performances, playful scenic design, and enchanting storytelling.

͞"When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful" - Malala Yousafzai, youngest Nobel Prize laureate
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High School/ Cegep Tour

Recommended Age: 13 years and up
World Premiere
The In Between

By Marcus Youssef
Directed by Mike Payette
Developed in partnership with Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal and with the support of the 2017 Banff Centre Playwrights Lab

Touring in Quebec, Ontario & the Maritimes
September 2018 – April 2019

Lily feels trapped. When a conflict between her best friend Brit and the guy she likes Karim breaks out after other students share racist, anti-Muslim memes, a misunderstanding leads to a school lockdown. Lily finds herself right in the middle, forced to make hard choices about which friend’s truth she’s going to believe.

Illustrating the real-life challenges of immigration, income inequality, and fears of violence in our schools, The In-Between is a realistic, relatable exploration of the complex social circumstances students must navigate in today’s world.

Written by award-winning playwright Marcus Youssef - writer of the international Geordie hit Jabber, seen by tens of thousands of young people across North America and Europe - Youssef tackles hard questions with humour, sensitivity and a deft ear for how young people negotiate the adult-size problems they encounter as they enter their later teens.

“So we are speaking up for those who don’t have anyone listening to them, for those who can’t talk about it just yet, and for those who will never speak again.” – Emma Gonzales, Marjory Stoneman Survivor, Activist, 17 years-old