Bringing back in-person theatre to Montreal families this spring, Geordie is proud to present a captivating theatrical production based on the award-winning Canadian children’s book

From the Stars in The Sky to The Fish in The Sea

Based on the book by Kai Cheng Thom | Illustrated by Kai Yun Ching and Wai-Yant Li

Published by Arsenal Pulp Press

Adapted by Gabe Maharjan

Directed by Mike Payette

Presented at Centaur Theatre

April 30th & May 1st, 2022


This enchanting and imaginative story will sweep audiences into the colorfully woven world that Miu Lan lives in, where magical transformations go hand in hand with self-discovery. Universal themes of gender, identity, and inclusion take centre stage, creating the perfect setting for families to reflect on what it really means to belong and how important it is to be accepted for just being you!

What do you do when everyone sees you as different?

Trying to “fit in” at school is something every child understands. Having trouble finding friends who will accept them for who they are is just part of the challenge Miu Lan faces while navigating through what it means to be their true self. Will the help of a mother’s unconditional love be enough for Miu Lan to affirm and claim their own unique identity?

Our mainstage show will feature a 15 minute question and answer period after each performance and after the Saturday April 30th show at 4pm an extended Q & A will be facilitated by our community partner the Quebec Drama Federation to encourage children aged 7 & up and their families to reflect on the themes presented during the show.

A play that will spark conversations!

Geordie Theatre remains more committed than ever to showcasing powerful, diverse voices, and telling stories that are seldom told. Chinese-Canadian trans poet and author, Kai Cheng Thom, chose to explore gender in wondrous and unique ways, through the eyes of a child navigating the complicated worlds of school, family, and friends. Thom’s lived experience flows through the story’s main character, Miu Lan. Geordie Theatre wants to amplify these seldom told but important stories, lifting the voices that are often pushed aside and ignored.

The fact remains that over three in five trans and genderqueer students will experience bullying at some point between kindergarten and post-secondary education… But we don’t talk about these things, or tell anyone.  We don’t have the words.”  Kai Cheng Thom

How Harmful are Gender Stereotypes?

Because children’s media use is a significant force contributing to their beliefs about femininity and masculinity and shaping their preferences, theatre productions like From the Stars in The Sky to The Fish in The Sea can be an important counterbalance. The constant exposure to the same dated concepts, starting before preschool and lasting a lifetime – limiting concepts like: boys are stronger than girls; certain jobs are for men and others for women; or that a color choice announces your gender – do harm by limiting a person’s unique potential.

Families need opportunities to experience new concepts that not only spark curious questions from children but that also push the boundaries. Geordie Theatre values the social and global impact that theatre has and celebrates artists from various disciplines and cultural backgrounds to create works that are provocative and inspire dialogue. This spring’s production From the Stars in The Sky to The Fish in The Sea continues in that same vein.

A Cast & Crew that Embody Diversity

“This team is composed of incredibly talented artists, each one with a deep respect and personal understanding of what it means to claim your identity. This understanding is evident on many fronts, but is especially remarkable when it comes to the team’s gender diversity within the non-binary spectrum,” says Jimmy Blais, Artistic Director of Geordie Theatre. From crew members and actors to the playwright, Gabe Maharjan, fluidity and non-conformity are shared expressions of their humanity, making this unique production a space for theatrical creation rarely seen in Montreal.

Justin, a young actor with dark hair

Justin Eddy as Miu Lan

Julie, an actor with long dark hair

Julie Tamiko Manning as Miu Lan’s Mother/Ms. Punica


Maharjan, who also plays the roles of Keenan & Fuzzy Leaf, says that, “being a gender-nonconforming performer of colour, it didn’t seem like there were many parts out there for someone like me.” The opportunity to create Kai Cheng Thom’s story for the stage fills them with hope that more children will recognize the importance of being their true selves. Together, we can make change happen.


MEDIA CALL: April 27th at 1:30pm at Centaur Theatre C2

PERFORMANCES: April 30th & May 1st, 2022 at 1pm & 4pm

VENUE: Centaur Theatre – 453 Saint François-Xavier, Montreal, H2Y 2T1

TICKETS: $15.00 children; $17.50 teens; $20.00 students/seniors; $25.00 adults; prices subject to taxes and Centaur service fees | Group rate (10 or more): 20% Off

AGE RECOMMENDATION: Children 7 and up & adults of all ages | 75 minutes plus a 15-minute talkback

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