Montreal Theatre Hub previews Geordie Theatre Fest, featuring this year’s 2Play tour shows Water Weight and Instant, and 2013 hit Jabber.

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Geordie Productions to present inaugural Theatre Fest at Monument-National from March 21-26, 2017

Water Weight, Instant and Jabber make their way to the mainstage this spring

Camila Fitzgibbon – March 1, 2017
A young girl and boy throw insults at a pool and spin out into a wonder-filled adventure about body image and empowerment. Three teenagers searching for fame in a world of instant communication make split- second choices that have lasting ramifications. The new girl at school is the only one who wears a hijab and the counsellor does his best to help her fit in.

Every year, Geordie Productions commissions two new plays from seasoned and/or emerging playwrights, invites some of Montreal’s finest directors to the studio, casts three up-and-coming actors and produces two plays, simultaneously, one for kids and one for teens, that are packed up in a 320-cubic foot van and hit the road for the Geordie 2Play Tour. Every year, three actors perform both plays in schools, community centres and libraries across cities and remote regions of Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes to some 40, 000 kids over a period of 7 months. The 2Play Tour has been the starting point for many of Montreal’s theatre alumni. This month, for the first time in the company’s 36-year history, after having traveled thousands of kilometres, three of Geordie’s 2Plays will get unpacked and receive the professional mainstage treatment for general audiences at Montreal’s historic Monument-National from March 21 to 26, 2017.

“Geordie has been a leader in bringing theatre to remote regions of Quebec, the Maritimes, Ontario and abroad with our 2Play Tour. The tour is what launched Geordie; giving access to theatre to over two million young people since our inception. We are thrilled to offer our audience the opportunity to take a special look at what we were founded on, and to share not only the power of theatre to our public audience, but also three exceptional shows that resonate deeply with the young (and young at heart)!”

“Humans…they have always acted tougher than rock, think they’re the hottest thing since fire! But water knows… how to be flexible, how to be patient….” – WATER WEIGHT

Geordie’s former Artistic Director, Dean Patrick Fleming, is back to direct Governor-general award-winning playwright Erin Shields’ timely teen piece on the impacts of social media, Instant. Following the success of last fall’s The Halloween Tree, Amanda Kellock returns with her visionary direction of Marcus Youssef’s META-award-winning (Outstanding New Text) 2013 hit Jabber. Rounding up this directorial tryptic, Geordie’s new Artistic Director, Mike Payette, offers up his Geordie directorial debut of Jesse Stong’s inspired Water Weight.

This season’s 2Play cast is made up of Concordia alumni Leah Fong and Michelle Rambharose, both seen last season in the department’s production of Alice, as well as Bishop alumni Dakota Jamal Wellman who took part in last year’s Black Theatre Workshop mentorship ensemble. David Sklar (Betty Mitchell Award nominee, Bad Jews), Mariana Tayler (Teesri Duniya’s The Refugee Hotel) and Aris Tyros (Tableau D’Hôte Theatre`s Elizabeth Rex), who’ve been touring Jabber on-and-off since its 2013 debut, bring the play back to Montreal.

“We all do stupid s#!t all the time and sometimes it ends up on the internet and you cry a bit, and get over it and then someone else does something stupid so no one cares about your stupid thing anymore.” – INSTANT

Cathia Pagotto, whose recent credits include Chlorine (Centaur Theatre’s Brave New Looks), designs the set and costume for both Water Weight and Instant. National Theatre School’s Production Program Director, Andrea Lundy, steps in to contribute a lighting design for both plays and Devon Bate (Infinitheatre’s Mr. Goldberg Goes to Tel Aviv) designs the sound for both pieces as well. The original Jabber designs by local theatre luminaries James Lavoie (set & costume) and Ana Cappelluto (lighting) accompany its remount.

Rounding out the exceptional production team is stage manager Kevin Olson (Theatre Aquarius, Smile Theatre), tour manager Mélanie Ermel (Geordie Productions’ Sidewalk Chalk and Squawk) and Sarah Osmond (Neptune Theatre) as Head of Props, whose work on Water Weight is not to be missed!

“I googled how to talk to muslim girls. It said to tell you I saw your hair, so that means you have to marry me.” – JABBER
PERFORMANCES: March 21 – 26, 2017 | Opening Night: March 21 at 7pm

Hosted by CTV’s Christine Long: March 25 at 7pm

VENUE: Monument-National’s Studio Hydro-Québec | 1182 Boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal

TICKETS: $13.50 children; $15.00 teens; $17.50 students/seniors; $19.50 adults; prices subject to taxes | Group rate (10 or more): 20% Off AGE RECOMMENDATION: Children age 7 and up & adults of all ages | 75 minutes

BOX OFFICE and INFORMATION: (514) 845-9810 or

Written by:
Erin Shields, Jesse Stong and Marcus Youssef

Directed by:
Dean Patrick Fleming, Amanda Kellock and Mike Payette

Leah Fong, Michelle Rambharose, David Sklar, Mariana Tayler, Aris Tyros and Dakota Jamal Wellman

Devon Bate, Ana Cappelluto, James Lavoie, Andrea Lundy and Cathia Pagotto

Production Team:
Amy-Susie Bradford, Mélanie Ermel, Justine Lefrançois, Alexandre Michaud, Kevin Olson and Sarah Osmond