After returning from our voyage to the lower north shore, we were all happy to get back to Montreal for some R&R.  Threes day to do our laundry, get some good sleep and visit old friends. I think we all felt we had disappeared for an eternity but when we got back, everything was the same. 


On Tuesday, we took a ten-hour trip up to Chibougamau.  We arrived around 7 pm hungry and stiff.  James took over the driving and led us into the woods where he said our accommodations awaited us. Well, it felt like a scene our of a horror movie, where you get lost in the middle of nowhere and a pickup truck starts tailing you.  Luckily, we finally found the sign for the B&B and made our way to dinner. 


The staff and students in Chibougamau were all lovely and excited to see us.  Kids running up after Whispers with their arms wide open anxiously waiting for a hug.  The questions we received after Jabber were very thoughtful and intelligent.  We had a great time! 


Our next stop on this short leg of the trip was La Tuque.  The great thing about doing live theatre is you never know what kind of an audience you will get.  Some schools will laugh all the time, others will remain quiet.  It’s a good thing, since it will keep us on our toes. 


At the end of the week, we had our first show in Montreal and the first time we performed back-to-back Jabber shows.  Wow! What a difference. Montreal, being very multicultural, gave us some new insights into the play as the students here live with these issues on a daily basis. We had lots of one on one feedback after the show but one students stood out in our minds.  He appeared a little worried as to how an audience would perceive all Muslim people based on the actions taken by Fatima.  We started talking to him, asking him what he saw during the show and explained to him that while Fatima happens to be Muslim, she doesn’t represent all Muslims. We are beginning to see how the play is more about asking questions than telling students how they should feel or what they should think. It’s the beginning of a dialogue that we are looking forward to continuing. 


David, Mariana, Ian.