As per David’s request, on our way to Fredericton, we stopped in St-Louis du Ha! Ha! because a  few pictures in front of the sign at the town’s entrance were mandatory. After many hours of driving we were very happy to finally arrive to our motel, where Ian and David discovered the art of showering without a shower curtain.


During that week spent in Fredericton, we performed three Jabbers in the same day for a total of 1 500 students! The reactions where great and loud and we were happy to get some positive feedback at the end of each presentation. Especially from a few Muslim boys who said they loved the show! Whispers was also greatly received by the kids who are still mesmerized by the light bulb in our show. In fact, this light bulb that turns on and off seems to be the biggest mystery and source of excitement for them!


We unfortunately had a lot of rain, which forced us to go to a mall and to the movies, as no outdoor activities were possible. We also visited a Zellers where Ian made us wait for an hour and a half before he was able to choose a new suitcase (the worst part is that there were only a few choices). We learned that from now on, guidance would be needed whenever Ian had to make a decision. The boys also started to accept my nagging over food as I kept on begging for healthy food and no more diners! David and I also went for a run on the University Campus, resulting in David being barely able to walk for the next few days!


A few days later we crossed the famous bridge to Prince Edward’s Island, where we were able to enjoy an evening in Charlottetown and meet for supper with David’s friend. It was quite a scene to see David who could barely walk due to our run, reunite with his long time friend who was using crutches. I will spare you the image of the speed at which they walked together!


Our week ended with a five hour ferry ride to the Magdalene Islands, were all of us, except for James got sea sick. Thank God, we had some Gravol, which put me to sleep right away. As we went back to our car at the end, we witnessed a very manly scene – the guy in the car in front of us had caught a moose. This earned him great respect from the other guys on the boat who happily gathered around to talk about the moose.