This week started on a ferry ride – a very long ferry ride – from PEI to the Magdalene Islands. It was on this ferry where we met our second moose, strapped to a trailer, and experienced five hours of the slow and steady rise and fall of the St. Lawrence Bay.


When we did arrive on the Islands we were met with fog and rainy weather. But this didn’t stop us exploring the area! We visited an enormous wooden church and a tea house with an absurd collection of home-made, life-sized dolls in the basement. We were lucky enough, though, to experience one magnificent sunny day on the archipelago. It started with an early rise and long drive to an English school on the eastern edge of the islands. On this drive we watched as the sun rose, on this crisp and clear day, over the ocean. After another successful show we drove back west and stopped at a beach. Under the sun we ran around on the white sand and, had the temperature been warmer, we could have been on any beach from Columbia to Florida.


After our stay on the islands we hopped back on the ferry and drove in a circle back through PEI, across the Confederation Bridge and through northern New Brunswick to Halifax where we stayed with a very nice family on the edge on the ocean.


The next morning we rose early and caught a flight to St. John’s Newfoundland. After a short flight we were met by Peter and Suzanne from the Resource Centre for the Arts who help run the LSPU Hall where we would be performing at for the our time in Newfoundland.


The next day we did two performances for schools that filled the seats of the theatre, were welcomed to a potluck at the theatre where we got to meet all of our hosts, and then went out to explore the nightlife.


Friday we ended up having a free day, which found us that evening at a Republic of Doyle Halloween party where we met a former Geordie tour manager, Ross, who is currently a producer of the show and a friend we would be seeing a lot of in the coming week!


Finally, Saturday was spent on the stage performing two shows for the public, which were both very well attended, and cobbling together Halloween costumes for that evening.


What an unforgettable week!


Ian, David & Mariana