After the Mardi Gras festivities winded down in the early hours of the morning, we had some time to check out some of the other sites around town.  Peter and Suzanne were lovely, taking us to Cape Spear, the furthest eastern point in Canada and a cute little fishing village that was supposed to have some of the best seafood on the island. Sadly, it was closed for the season so they took us back into town to the Duke of Duckworth where they are have the best fish and chips in the city.  Yum yum!


Once we wrapped up one of our afternoon shows, Ross arranged for a driver from The Republic of Doyle to pick us up and drive us to the set where we could see a live shot of a car crash.  We felt so spoiled!  The cold and wet weren’t fun but watching how cast and crew joke around was great to see.  They had all been working with each other for some years now and it really felt like a family was pulling together. On a side note, the most popular person was the catering woman.  The car crash was super cool too and luckily no one was hurt.  We also got a private tour of all the sets.  I think we would like to return but next time as actors on the show.


We continued with the rest of our performances at “The Hall”, meeting people not only from town but groups that drove 2 hours just to see us perform.  We all felt very privileged and lucky to be here.  By the time it was our last performance we didn’t want to say goodbye.  The staff at the Hall treated us so well and when they told us they were throwing a Halloween party that night we decided to go and say our goodbyes. As the space was over a hundred years old, they invited “ghost hunters” who job it was to record what may or may not have been spirits lurking about the building. Some of us remain skeptical.


On our last night we finally decided to get “Screeched in”.  After eating “Newfoundland steak”, “kissing the cod”, knocking back some screech, and repeating a sentence none of us can get right, except for James, we became honorary Newfoundlanders.  We will miss St John’s very much and all the people that we met.