Let’s say that on this trip we’ve discovered…


That a family dynamic has already been established between us : Uncle James, Mommy Mariana, David  the Dad and Ian the kid.


That James is an amazing pool player.

That Mariana takes forever in the shower, especially when she has to wash her hair.

That David can eat a whole pie by himself.

That Ian qualifies every moment, scenery or place, as beautiful.


That David is always the first one to order and finish his plate.

That Mariana and Ian are always hungry and are somehow never able to make a choice as to what to pick on the menu.

That James is always the first one ready no matter where we go.

That Ian will always forget something somewhere with innocent kid-like demeanor.


That in order to lift our spirits you need to :

Give Ian a coffee, Mariana some Latino music, David Leonard Cohen or something sweet (preferably something with coconut) and James some cartoons (Family Guy if possible).


We’ve discovered that we spend more time packing and unpacking luggages from one seating place to another, than anything else.


We’ve discovered and accepted that we will gain weight on this trip, as everything we eat is fried.


But most importantly we’ve discovered…

That the Lower North Shore has breathtaking landscapes, and that we are exploring place we never imagined we would.


That no matter how tired we are, when we hear kids laugh at the first joke in Whispers In The Air, we are somehow filled with energy and a desire to give them our best. Their contagious smiles make our day.


That Jabber has a bigger impact on teenagers than we could ever of imagined. To have that guy in the back row unexpectedly come up to us after the show and tell us how much he loved it is one of the most gratifying feelings ever.


Finally we’ve discovered that we are soooooooo lucky to be here!!!!


Onwards and upwards.

Mariana, David and Ian