Day 156

Suicide prevention week, anti-bullying pink shirt day, the Olympics, Valentine’s Day and even Hawaiian day… These are all special days and events that have been celebrated at schools in the past little while. Hallways have been clad with “no bullying at our school” crafts and newspaper cut outs from the Olympics. We are greeted by the smiling and triumphant faces of our Canadian athletes at many schools; and when the games were on they were often playing as we loaded our set into the school. There’s one day I remember particularly well… It was the Canadian vs USA hockey game and there was a TV set right near the door we used to get in. Poor Derek so desperately wanted to be watching the game. So we loaded in, passing the screen repeatedly and all the high school kids sat next to the open door with the cold wind blowing in, their arms pulled out of their selves and cleverly held near their core. We would walk by and I couldn’t help but think what a funny a scene it was, kids faces intent on hockey, and sleeves with no arms dangling there. As we were setting up we could hear them cheering as goals were scored. It was actually very lovely.

The adventures of Geordie never seem to cease: I recently had to call an ambulance. Crazy life.

The ambulance occurrence happened on our way to a show, as we drove Derek spotted a man sitting on an icy sidewalk alone. We stopped and he was crying saying he had fallen on the ice and had been sitting there for ten minutes and he thinks he broke his leg. So we stayed with him until an ambulance came and rushed him off to be cared for and it made me think… He was sitting there for ten minutes alone, as cars drove passed in one of the coldest winters we have had in a while. Where’s the compassion? Then it made me think of our shows and how both of our main characters are kind of alone and seeking something from others. Some help, some understanding from others. There have also been a lot of questions about what we would do if we saw bullying; leading me to think that many kids see things and don’t know what to do. I think they underestimate the power they have. Yesterday we said to both the high school we went to and the elementary school that even just a smile can make a difference.

So now March break! Woo woo! It’s fun to be working and yet still get the school holiday benefits! Hehe.


Backstage at an elementary school hanging with the monkeys!


My brother and loading the van (my family came to pick me up one day – a very cold and windy day at that – and they helped us load the van!)