Day 124 – Montreal 


It has been 124 days since we began the tour… How crazy. We are back from Christmas and performing in full force; we have three shows today. It has felt like a marathon of school visits, loading and unloading the van in temperatures that cause schools to hold recess inside and the people of Montreal to take the metros because no one feels like walking anywhere. Cold cold cold. 


Most memorable moments of the past little while… Well, on our last day before Christmas a kid actually walked on to the stage, mid performance. We were flabbergasted, that’s never happened before! He came on stage and then went to look behind our flats, I think he may have been looking for all the other people (because I play five characters). It was pretty funny and now it’s a good story to tell. 


Another nice moment, which happened a few days ago at an elementary school when a young girl went up to Derek and said we were the best actors she has ever seen. 


Boy did that get me smiling.