Day 43 – Montreal 

The past two weeks have been full of ups and downs. We have driven into schools excited and left tired and empty. It takes a lot of energy to compete with 300 whispering and restless teenagers. It also takes a toll hearing the loud comments, probably said for the benefit of their peers rather than us up on stage; there have been catcalls, “No! Not the Mac!” as I drop the computer, “Too far dad!” When we fight and lots of trashing dad when he gives away his credit card number. I believe these loud and rambunctious audiences give us a sort of drive. We have to fight harder, talk louder and therefore we become more passionate. We work to stay together, to listen and to forget the rest, and I believe it pays off. Whenever an audience is particularly sassy, commenting as we go, I feel as though I become like them. I get snarkier and my attitude level as Aurora goes through the roof. I also cry harder. I feel like I am fighting a battle on stage to keep their attention and that somehow coincides with Aurora’s struggle to fit in. Both myself and Aurora want to be loved by all those teens, and yet there’s also that indignant pride saying “who needs them”.

We have also had our set not fit in the space we are given. This is more of a problem because it throws off our routine and comfort. We all grow anxious and discouraged when things aren’t just so. Yet, they make us stronger. As a team and as a show in general.

On a completely other note we have had a few beautiful days. We have been fortunate to meet some very caring and dedicated principals and teachers. We visited one school in particular where the principal made us lunch herself, ate with us and attended both shows. She said she would even like to have her highshoolers watch the elementary show next year so they can see the range of characters the actors play. Derek and I were very honored at that comment.

Sometimes, as the famous last words of The Great Gatsby go, “we beat on, boats against the current…” we plow through the high school crowds, much like the hull of a ship carves through the water. Waves may beat up against us but we always make it though. After a rough audience I feel like we conquered something. We got to the end and told our story.

And now, in our own beds (thank goodness) we sleep and prepare for different groups of people tomorrow.  You really never know what your going to get.