Day 66 – Quebec –  Montreal

The first snow fall has officially happened. Today we loaded in and out of schools in slush, as large flakes drifted down from above. Some schools were closed today, and I realize that once again snow days apply to me (and I have to admit I found myself listening to the radio with earnest).

We had our public shows this weekend and everything went very well. Routine is truly ingrained in us now; and although I was nervous to be finally doing the play for our director again, it was not overwhelming.

Last week when we were in Quebec City we hit some pretty awesome statistics. First of which is we have performed over 70 shows now! About 30 of Shared Account and about 40 of Derwent is Different. And we have performed to over 10 250 kids!

AND Shared Account has made the recorded for most high school shows sold in Geordie’s history! So we three traveling players would like to say a big congratulations to everyone in the office for working so hard to get this new play out there to as many schools as possible. Also, congratulations Jesse Stong! You write with such honesty, it is easy speaking the words. They just make so much sense.

We were lucky to have Jesse with us at a high school just yesterday. He had never yet seen the play performed in front of its intended teenage audience and he seemed very pleased. Where their reactions were placed, the way they ate up dads triumphs and falls with his online friend, and the way they all checked their phones constantly, interested him.

So, the tour is progressing safely and soundly. Every now and then we have an odd comment that we keep with us and being up in the van as we journey around. The most recent was at a high school, in the midst of a library scene, where I am alone on stage, some boy said something inappropriate. Immediately you wonder if you’re hearing things; I chuckle inwardly and continue and then there it is again. As I remember this I smile… Like, really? Anyway, people will say anything to faze you or look tough in front of their friends. Now that I have walked in and out of high schools every day for the past few months I find myself less and less surprised by what goes on. Because you just never know.

Tour_QC Cegep St Lawrence 

A performance of Shared Account in which the stage was too small and our projectors are set up off stage on milk crates (genius last minute adjustments James! Thank you! )


Tour_QC Levis 

A performance of Shared Account in Levis, about 300 kids.

Tour_QC St Adele 

A performance of Derwent is Different in Saint Adele.

Tour_Derwent Derek 

Derek (or Derwent, which ever you prefer) peaking backstage right at the top of the show to make sure his loud music doesn’t wake his parents.