Week one:

It’s Sunday.  Bright and early.  We are scheduled to meet at 9am outside of Snowdon metro but one thing is missing… Ian.  Where are you?  After calling him, we find out that he thought we were meeting at 10am since rehearsals always started at 10am.  Thus, before getting on the highway, we are bound for Vendome metro station.  Finally, after picking up him – and his cheese riddled breakfast sandwich – we are off.  About 10 hours on the road to get to Baie Comeau with a short stop off in Saguenay.  It’s a long drive and we keep ourselves entertained by sleeping, listening to music and getting massages. Oh, and switching drivers who have been antiquely caffeinated.  Finally, around 7pm, we get into town, have a bite to eat and hit the hay.

Our first two shows in Baie Comeau go off very well.  There aren’t a lot of kids (only around 10 high school students) but they enjoy the plays. It is great to have a Q&A session afterwards, since we had never done it for a high school before. Until now, we had no idea how they were going to respond to the play, when they would laugh (or not) and if they were going to take something away from the experience.

As we continued north on our journey to Sept Iles for Flemming Elementary and Queen Elizabeth High School, we start getting great feedback from the students and teachers.  And we, as actors, realize, “Oh ya, these shows are really funny!”  From there we are about to fly off to Blanc Sablon – praying our luggage doesn’t go over the weight limit and almost missing our flight.  I have never been on a plane that leaves 10 minutes earlier than scheduled.  After two hours, we land in Blanc Sablon but it’s too dark to see anything except the water.  With little sleep, we perform for three schools over two days and enjoying every minute of it. James, our SM, gives us ample suggestions on what to see and where to eat. We would be lost without him.  A word that gets throw around a lot in the van, particularly by one of the cast members, is “beautiful”, thus we have had to look at our electronic thesaurus for some richer vocabulary. 

We are now looking forward to two days off in Blanc Sablon. We hope to get to see some Vikings in Newfoundland!

Until next time,

Ian, Mariana and David.