Day 1 – Baie Comeau

And we are off.   From Montreal to Baie Comeau the three of us traveled in the new Geordie van (woo woo), the scenery was great with only a minor hitch when we were stuck in traffic for an hour and a half because a truck had lost its load and was blocking the highway.  Happened on the first day when all our moods were high, didn’t deter us one bit.  We now rest up in the hotel for our fist official shows tomorrow at Baie Comeau School!  We are pumped to share our stories and to just be touring. Derek and I said a few times today… Hey, we’re on tour.


First official day, no Breaking Bad watching (oh you lucky guys at home I hope it was awesome) but lots of line running and prep for tomorrow! Boy are we excited!

Tour_trip to Baie Comeau

Drive to Baie Comeau… Derwent style!