Geordie Theatre launches new creative space!

The past few month have been a  roller coaster ride for everyone and as our arts sector continues to reel and work through what re-entry looks like, Geordie Theatre has been working hard to discover and create new ways to adapt to our current climate and ensure our work remains accessible to audiences near and far.

In light of our upcoming milestone 40th season and responding to the need for our community and our artists to keep engaged in the work, we are thrilled to unveil Espace Geordie – our new creative space!

With the support of a successful fundraising initiative driven by our Board and championed by the generosity of the community, we are very thankful for the support which allows us to have a new home for creation; located in the historic Little Italy.

Geordie has been working with a Health and Safety Officer to establish protocols that allow for safe rehearsal and performance practices, highlighting the importance of keeping our artists safe in entering our new space.

Espace Geordie will not only serve our company and the community through a space that supports artistic development, it will also be the home of our flagship 2Play Tour which will move from live performance in the schools and their communities to a virtual platform.  Our new space has been equipped with live-streaming capacity (including film equipment) to ensure that our audiences from other regions can enjoy the most immediate and “live” experience we can offer without the risk of jeopardizing health.

This initiative is just one of several things we are excited to introduce to the public this season, and we look forward to sharing this story while we continue to embolden the importance of theatre in our community at home and away.


Geordie Theatre provokes thought, fires up the imagination, and seeks to encourage and challenge our audience.  We celebrate the art of theatre and its social and global impact by working with emerging and established professional artists from various disciplines and cultural backgrounds to create works that are provocative, relevant and enchanting; inspiring dialogue between communities, children and parents as well as teachers and students of all ages.  We look to build relationships with and extend our audience through inclusive practices and by visiting far-reaching communities in Quebec and abroad.  Since 1980, Geordie has been producing and presenting plays that are important to young people; stories that are uniquely related to them in a context that reflects the world around them and their personal experiences at home.  They are always about fostering the voice of young people and giving them a vessel in which they are represented, listened to, and encouraged while inspiring dialogue with the adults in their lives about what they see and recognize.  Season 2020/21 will mark Geordie’s 40th anniversary with this unique mission!


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