A sci-fi classic brought to the stage,
just in time for Halloween!

A scary hand coming out of a page from a comic book

September 22, 2022: When a young comic book artist named Mary discovers the journal of Dr. Victor Frankenstein, she’s drawn into his uncanny story of secret experiments to conquer death. She discovers that we all need to face our own fears… before they face us!

Geordie Theatre is thrilled to be teaming up with Kidoons for our upcoming 22/23 Season mainstage production, bringing a Halloween classic to life for Montreal families. From the creators of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and Jungle Book comes a new theatrical adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Co-created by Rick Miller, Craig Francis and Paul Van Dyck, and starring Eloi ArchamBaudoin, Rosie Callaghan, and Arun Varma, this stage adaptation of Frankenstein confronts modern issues of climate change, artificial intelligence, and our relationship to technology… monsters of our own making! An electrifying new stage production using immersive comic book design and playful theatrical techniques, Frankenstein reanimates the sci-fi classic for a new generation.

The third and final play in the Kidoons Connection Trilogy of high-tech classics, co-creators and co-directors Rick Miller and Craig Francis have long since discovered the secret to bringing iconic stories to life for the modern age and stage: “Our productions are known for pushing the boundaries of touring multimedia theatre, and we achieve this by surrounding ourselves with terrific creative artists. Theatre is a collaborative art, and the results always surprise and delight us beyond what any single person could have envisioned. That’s the lesson that Victor Frankenstein never learned… how to play well with others!” Audiences can look forward to the talents and contributions of Sabrina Miller (Costume/Props/Puppet Design), Irina Litvinenko (Multimedia Design), Andrea Lundy (Lighting Design), Jessica Campbell-Maracle (Assistant Sound Design), Richard Feren (Composition/Sound Design), Julian Smith (Assistant Sound Design), Mathieu René (Mask Design), and Thomas Giroux (Associate PM/TD) creating a veritable multimedia spectacle as this “living comic book” is truly brought to life!

The original sci-fi story, Frankenstein is a story that lends itself naturally to tech and modernity. “It’s such an integral part of pop culture that it was irresistible to do our own take on it, through comics and cartoons, which were my own introduction to sci-fi and horror,” says Craig Francis. “The comic book effects bring it instantly up to date, stylize the horror, and make it a ton of spooky fun! Besides, the idea of ‘bringing something to life’ is what theatre is best at.”


A Geordie, Kidoons and WYRD Productions presentation
in association with The 20K Collective and the Segal Centre
Written by Craig Francis, Rick Miller, and Paul Van Dyck
Directed by Craig Francis and Rick Miller
Adapted from the novel Frankenstein
By Mary Shelley

Eloi ArchamBaudoin, Rosie Callaghan, and Arun Varma

Sabrina Miller – Costume/Props/Puppet Design | Irina Litvinenko – Multimedia Design
Andrea Lundy – Lighting Design | Jessica Campbell-Maracle – Assistant Lighting Design
Richard Feren – Composer/Sound Design | Julian Smith – Assistant Sound Design
Mathieu René – Mask Design| Thomas Giroux – Associate PM/TD

MEDIA CALL: October 18, 2022 at 1:30pm
PERFORMANCES: October 20 to October 30, 2022
VENUE: Segal Centre – 5170 Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine, Montréal, QC H3W 1M7
TICKETS: $15.00 12 and under; $18.00 ages 13-17; $22.00 students/seniors; $25.00 adults; prices subject to taxes
GROUP RATE (10 or more): 20% off
AGE RECOMMENDATION: Children 7 and up & adults of all ages | 65 minutes, no intermission

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