A story shaped by neuro-diverse voices

In the new year, OTHER WORLDS will show us that we’re not so different after all.

MONTREAL, QC, December 17. 2021 – On a small island overrun by land developers, two radically different strangers’ lives collide after an unexpected ecological disaster. Kale (played by Christopher de Varennes) who lives in a village, is social and community-oriented whereas Riley (played by Robyn Vivian) who lives in a community of stilt houses, enjoys solitude and values self-sufficiency. When threatened by a storm, both seek safety in a bunker. They clash and connect over their shared dislike of the developers, and their conflicting dreams of a utopia where they can do more than just survive.

A story written by Montreal-based theatre artist Stephen Booth, inspired by students from Summit School and directed by Jessica Abdallah, Other Worlds will take you on a journey that celebrates unique human connection and diversity.

“Writing this play gave me the opportunity to express different ideologies close to me. Riley and Kale are reflections of my own ideals of self-sufficiency and community which everyone can relate to. As someone on the spectrum, I felt an even bigger sense of obligation because I felt like the world of this play is something that most people do not see, from my experience. Knowing that these worlds will be seen through a unique lens is what kept me inspired to write it every day.” – Playwright of Other Worlds, Stephen Booth

Geordie Theatre, in association with La Maison Théâtre, Les Muses: Centre des arts de la scène, and Summit School, is set to open Other Worlds at La Maison Théâtre in the ‘Quartier des spectacles’ on January 14, 2022. As a part of Geordie’s Mainstage series in its 2021-2022 season: Looking Beyond, Other Worlds will encourage audiences to re-imagine the way they see the world.

It has been incredible to be part of such a unique and vital creation process. Almost three years ago, we began with the idea of creating a play that would explore neurodiversity with the support of students at Summit School. The result is a beautiful piece of theatre that is not simply about neurodiversity, but is told through its lens, weaving the neurodivergent experience into the very fabric of the play.”  – Geordie’s Artistic Associate & Director of Other Worlds, Jessica Abdallah

The design team features Diana Uribe (Set and Costumes), Zoe Roux (Lights), Rob Denton (Sound) and Eric Caissie (Composition). They help bring to life a tale dense with beautiful imagery about two dream worlds colliding to restore balance in a divided community. A representation of friendship, connections, community, and dreams all embodied in one show to inspire change.



Written for the stage by Stephen Booth

Directed by Jessica Abdallah and associate directed by Phillippe David

In association with La Maison Théâtre, Les Muses: Centre des arts de la scène, and Summit School


Robyn Vivian & Christopher de Varennes


Diana Uribe – Set & Costume Designer | Zoe Roux – Lighting Designer | Rob Denton – Sound Designer | Eric Caissie – Composer | Jesse Stong – Dramaturg | Erin Lindsay – Writing Coach | Kate Hagemeyer – Stage Manager | Merissa Tordjman – Production Manager | Adam Walters – Technical Director | Claire Bourdin – Sound Assistant | Courtney Obin Moses – Design Assistant

MEDIA CALL: January 13, 2022 at 12:30 pm

PERFORMANCES: January 14th, 15th, 16th, 22nd & 23rd, 2021

VENUE: La Maison Théâtre in the Quartier des spectacles, 245, Rue Ontario Est, Montréal QC, H2X 3Y6

TICKETS: $19.55 for both youth and adults

AGE RECOMMENDATION: 10-years-old and over

BOX OFFICE and INFORMATION: 514 288-7211 ext. 1 or

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