Geordie Theatre School Teacher Toolbox

What is this:

Geordie Theatre School runs Teacher Toolbox Sessions for its teachers, to share insights, gather resources/experience and build a community of confident and connected teachers.

What you will find here: 

  • Previous teacher toolbox notes
  • Example GTS Scripts
  • Games & Exercises Database
  • Misc other Resources

NOTE: This page is an ongoing work in progress. It will be updated regularly based on the needs, requests and additions from teachers. 

Teacher Toolbox Sessions

Starting in January 2024, GTS will run Teacher Toolbox Sessions for teachers in the school. The aim of these sessions is to share best practice, discuss challenging situations and foster community among teachers. 

Below, you will find summaries and notes from previous sessions.

Teacher Toolbox January 14, 2024

Key points of discussion:

– Opening & Closing Rituals

– How to build a play for the Winter Session

– Managing different student energies 


Next Teacher Toolbox Session TBC

The next teacher toolbox session will be schedule for later in 2024.

Previous GTS Class Scripts

When approaching a session with a final play outcome (for example, the Winter session, which usually ends in the presentation of a play by each class), teachers often ask us for examples of previous plays. Below you will find examples of plays for each of the GTS age groups. They are by no means the only way to approach a play for that age group. But they were successful examples and we believe that provide a good starting point. 

NOTE: Please do not copy or use these scripts in your own class. They are here only for reference. 

Previous GTS Script - Ages 6 & 7

A script from 2019 for Ages 6 & 7 public cabaret. A really good example of simple storytelling with younger actors. 


Previous GTS Script - Ages 7 to 9

Previous script for 2022 class at FACE (grades 3 & 4). Goal in this script was to give every student ownership over their choice of character and then try and fit those characters together (hence, why we have hermoine and a flying toilet in the same story). 


Previous GTS Script - Ages 10 to 12

Script from Winter 2023 Ages 10 to 12 class. This class was a smaller group of actors who really liked each other and brought a lot of their own inside jokes. 


Previous GTS Script - Teens

Script from Winter 2023 – Teens class. Obviously as we get into older students, you will notice that the text and storytelling becomes more complicated. But still trying to tell a coherent story in 10-15mins. 


Games Database

As teachers, we are always on the look out for new games and activities. Below is a non-exhaustive list of games, activities and resources lists.

Augusto Boal - Games for Actors and Non Actors

A classic text for exercises and games. Theatre of the Oppressed. Community Theatre. 

Click here for Complete Text

Improv Encyclopedia

A wildly comprehensive list of improv games (with category tags).

Click here for Complete Text

National Theatre Workshops

The British National Theatre has a bunch of really wonderful videos featuring masterclasses and workshops. Here are just a few:
Click Here for Puppetry Exercises

Click Here for Physical Theatre Exercises

Click Here for Clown and Status Exercises

Click Here for Warm Ups

Pass the Sound - Music & Sound Exercises

This organisation has filmed and uploaded onto youtube a whole lot of sound and music exercises (as well as general drama warm ups). 
Click Here for Exercises

Misc Resources

Here you will find misc. resources from previous GTS activities.

Neutral Scenes

In the summer camp of 2023, one week the teaching team used neutral scenes as a starting point from which to build the final play.

Click here for Neutral Scenes