Lucinda Davis - Geordie Theatre
Farewell to the 2010-11 School Tour
March 30, 2011
2011-12 Season: 3D Theatre since 1980
April 26, 2011

Lucinda Davis

Lucinda is thrilled to work with Geordie Productions, as she has always been a huge fan of their fantastic work, and feels blessed to be working alongside some of the most talented people in Montreal. Her past theatre credits include: The Lady Smith (Black Theatre Workshop), Gas (Infinitheatre), Rock, Paper Jackknife (Talisman Theatre), Doubt: A Parable, The Madonna Painter (Centaur Theatre), and Jesus Jello:The Miraculous Confection (Sheep in Fog Productions). Her film and television credits include: feature roles in Radio Active, Seriously Weird, Within These Walls, the mini-series XIII. Lucinda has also worked in animation, lending her voice to such projects as Winx Club, My Life Me, Pop Pixies, My Goldfish is Evil, and the video games Prince of Persia, Sudoken Tierkreis and Where’s Waldo.

For Geordie Productions: Beethoven Lives Upstairs


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