Written by Omari Newton and Amy Lee Lavoie
Directed by Jimmy Blais
Recommended for High School students

On Tour and Presented at Geordie Theatre Fest

Megalodon dives into the lives of Akilah, Troy, and the unforgettable Cressida, with a narrative that pulses to the beat of Run The Jewels, hip-hop, jazz, and singer-songwriter vibes. It’s a comedic, yet deep look into teenage friendship, identity, and grief, where music isn’t just a backdrop—it’s a lifeline. Imagine Akilah and Troy navigating their world, their losses, armed with wit, humor, and a shared love for the raw, electrifying energy of Run The Jewels. This play is an anthem for the misfits, a tribute to those tunes that help us feel seen, and a reminder that laughter and music can carry us through the toughest times.

Tickets and performance dates at Geordie Theatre Fest
to be announced.

Themes and Concepts

➜   Grief and Friendship

➜   Art as a Processing Tool

➜   Identity Shaping and Authenticity

➜   Healing and Recovery


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Cast and Team

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