Joan MacLeod’s The Shape of a Girl is a story loosely based on the swarming and beating death of Victoria teenager Reena Virk in 1997. This staging, from the Geordie Productions’ School Tour, presents a revealing account of how bullying begins in childhood and “how effortlessly it evolves, and how destructive it becomes.” Fresh from maybe the best performance of the bunch in Urban Tales at the Centaur, Amanda Kellock returns to the director’s seat for this highly anticipated work.

“When I was at the Belfry Theatre in Victoria, we programmed the original production of this play,” says Surette. “It’s a beautiful piece of writing. Geordie’s a wonderful company and I like what they’ve been doing—so it was a combination: they were interested, it’s a really cool play, and me bringing something from home with Joan MacLeod’s work, because we’re old friends from out West.”