Note from AD

A word from Jimmy

As we embark on Geordie Theatre’s 43rd season, we are more committed than ever to inspiring our young audiences to believe in themselves and their unique abilities. We recognize the immense pressures that today’s young people face, from social media to climate concerns, to the polarization of the world around them. That’s why our programming this season centers on the idea that every individual, regardless of age or background, has something valuable to offer.

Our 2Play tour showcases the talents of two remarkable female playwrights, examining the complexities of the inner and outer critics in us all. In both Perfect Storm by Gillian Clark and the award-winning Instant by Erin Shields, our characters find out how far they will go in order to be seen or heard.

Our mainstage show in September, Other Worlds, celebrates neurodiverse voices and their incredible creativity. We are excited to bring Stephen Booth’s play to the stage at Maison Theatre as a part of our relationship with the epicenter of TYA in Quebec.

At Geordie Theatre, we strive to present these powerful stories in ways that engage and entertain our young audiences. Our fundamental belief is that theatre has the power to spark conversations and inspire change. And we are committed to ensuring that every child who walks through our doors knows that they are valued, respected, and celebrated for who they are in ways that make them laugh and think all at once.


Jimmy Blais, Artistic Director