Raise Your Voice - Geordie Theatre

What happens when you see something that may appear strange or unfair? What do you do about it? Where do you go? How do you stand your ground? When do you give space for others to take the spotlight?

Welcome to Geordie’s 38th season where we discover powerful stories written by some of Canada’s most prolific playwrights that applaud the immutable heart and spirit of young people, their voices and their passion. Young people who are encouraged to make a difference in the world and to shape their realities for a better future for all.

I am awestruck by the immense courage young people have shown against some impressive odds happening in our world today. Throughout history we have heard stories from across the globe and our own backyard where kids are forced to make difficult choices, as well as children who have banded together to stand up against intolerance and adversity. These young people are our agents for change and these are some of their stories. This year, I invite you to a season that will transport you, inspire you, and remind us all – through the unique power of theatre – of the young people all around us who are truly making a difference.

Raise your voice!

Mike Payette, Artistic Director
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