Danielle Eyer from Scripteditty reviews The Halloween Tree: “It’s an exciting, colourful production perfect for families with young kids.”

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The Halloween Tree by Geordie Productions – Montreal

October 26, 2016 ~ Danielle Eyer

I had a really good time at The Halloween Tree, a theatrical adaptation of the Ray Bradbury story by Amanda Kellock of Geordie Productions, last Sunday afternoon. It’s an exciting, colourful production perfect for families with young kids. The show runs 60 minutes without an intermission, and the children have the opportunity to participate in a costume contest.

The Halloween Tree tells the tale of five kids who lose their friend Joe Pipkin on Halloween night and their journey through time and space to find him. Led by the mysterious Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud, the children learn about the origins of and cultures associated with Halloween, as each stop in their travels corresponds to their individual costumes.

Speaking of costumes, the visual design of this show is just stunning. It’s incredibly playful and imaginative, using fabric and projections to help tell the story. Although it’s meant for a younger audience, it still takes its viewers seriously as beings who don’t need everything to be explicit all the time. There’s a great many subtleties in the show, from Moundshroud’s use of certain signs in American Sign Language to punctuate his dialogue to the deeper subject of death tackled by the story, which makes this show just as much fun for the older people in the audience.

The Halloween Tree only has three performances left: two this Saturday October 29 and one on the Sunday. Tickets are $13.50 for children, $15 for teens, $17.50 for students and seniors, and $19.50 for adults. The show has a home at the D. B. Clarke Theatre in the basement of the Hall building at Concordia SGW campus.