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Building Blocks

Our Building Blocks initiative puts you in the front row as an essential member of Geordie Theatre’s foundation. The more blocks you stack, the more you demonstrate your dedication to presenting excellent theatre to audiences young and young at heart from communities near and far. In showing your support, Geordie is proud to offer you and your company a variety of benefits that promise to enrich your commitment to us and our mission; building upon a partnership that will last long after the curtain goes down.

Your Building Blocks will allow us to not only sustain but grow our reach in contributing relevant, thought-provoking theatre to Montreal and abroad. But we also want to return the support by offering you several privilege perks. The more Building Blocks you buy ($250/Block for two years), the more you benefit as well.

Why grow with Geordie Theatre?

Our History
We are one of Canada’s leading English-language companies presenting Theatre for Young Audiences for over 35 years
Our Philosophy
We entertain, enchant and inspire audiences of all ages by presenting theatre through the perspective of the young mind who may become our leaders of tomorrow
Our Excellence
We are an award-winning and critically acclaimed company whose reputation for producing first-rate professional theatre has put us on the national platform.
Our Professionalism
We are dedicated to ensuring strong relationships with both our staff and our generous volunteers. Moreover, all of our artists and collaborators are exceptional professionals from both the local and national community.
Our Impact
Our shows and audience reflect the incredible cultural diversity of Montreal. Each season, more than 60 000 young people, families and community members will have seen a Geordie show.

Building partnerships within the community and investing in our youth and our culture is integral for organizational growth. Your investment in Geordie Theatre ensures that we can continue our mission and build upon the legacy of presenting Theatre for Young Audiences to all ages and for all people.