Geordie goes international!


The Jabber gang is on the road, again. We rejoined at the beginning of 2018 for a week of rehearsals in Montreal and then on Jan 24th we hit the road for the USA. Our first stop was the New York state border. After a slight miscommunication and an impromptu journey back to Montreal we were granted access by our cousins to the south and landed in Great Barrington, Mass. We were ushered into the lovely Mahaiwe Theatre, a gorgeous classical venue. The theatre welcomed us in with open arms and on Jan. 26th we got to perform for over 600 students from all over New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut. The show was a resounding success, especially with the post-show questions from the students such as “Why are people mean about race?”, “What’s been the reception of our show in other cities?”, and David was very happy to respond to, “Do you speak French?” toute en français to thunderous applause. It pays to be bilingual and even trilingual. And as we were striking the set, the crew came up to us and told us how important our show was and thanked us for helping share a message of understanding.


On our off-time we got the chance to explore the Berkshires and cute little cottage towns such as Lenox, Lee and Stockbridge, with a quick detour to the Norman Rockwell museum. Due to the steep price for admission ($20 US), we decided to take a tour of the gift shop instead. More importantly, the gang celebrated David’s **nd birthday and treated him to not one but two desserts. (The tiramisu cake was heaven, according to David) but now he has to head to the gym.

One note of concern however is Aris’ obsession with booking hotels on our behalf. From sunrise to sunset, we can assume Aris is booking, re-booking, re-rebooking our accommodations on this journey. But fear not, Geordie subscribers, the free cancellation policy is what spurned his recent obsession. That is not saying we don’t appreciate his tireless efforts (he has saved us money time and again). However, his credit card is nearing max capacity and we might have to have some sort of intervention in the near future.

Today we continue our journey across New York State to Rochester. Our next show is tomorrow at the Nazareth Arts Centre. Wish us Merde!

– David, Mariana, Aris and Kevin