The Mountain - Geordie Theatre

The Mountain

By Chelsea Woolley
Directed by Arianna Bardesono
Aya, the lady adventurer - “not a princess because princesses are stuck up” - just wants to go home. She is a refugee and that means she is not from here. She’s tired of Canada, and wants to go back to her great and magical valley, far, far away. The only problem is, her dad won’t answer her phone calls, she’s broke, and the lonely boy she’s found to be her side-kick, doesn’t want to help. A beautiful and timely show for young people about fear, bullies, war, and the mountain we must climb together, as one, to find peace.


  • Joan Fenner, teacher,
    It was very well done, as well as entertaining. The acting, voices and accents, the set, sound, etc. were all up to the high standards that we associate with Geordie Theatre.
    Joan Fenner, teacher,
    Dorval Elementary
  • Amy Darrell
    Thank you so much. This was my first experience with Geordie Productions but it will not be my last. Keep up the good work. Cheers!
    Amy Darrell
    Cedar School
  • Kelly Meehan
    Geordie has just finished performing The Mountain. It was spectacular! The teaches and students loved it! I truly do not think Geordie Productions knows how to fail...every year, every performance is stupendous! Thank you so much for doing what you do.
    Kelly Meehan
    Kuper Academy


Touring History

The Mountain has traveled across Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. Over 7 months the play will have traveled an average of 35,000 km being performed to more than 15,000 kids.

In 2018, Anton May won the META Award for Outstanding Emergin Artist for his performance in The Mountain, among other plays.

To discuss touring possibilities please contact:

Jessica Abdallah - Artistic Associate