The Velveteen Rabbit

An Old Friend in a New Word

Written by Jimmy Blais
Directed by Dean Patrick Fleming
Recommended for Elementary students

On Tour and Presented at Geordie Theatre Fest

The Velveteen Rabbit by Jimmy Blais is a play that captures the journey of Riley, who, after moving to a new home, receives a plush rabbit offering comfort and sparking imaginative adventures. The following year, Riley gets an AI assistant, Lexa, leading them into exciting digital escapades. This introduces a conflict between the comforting, imaginative world with the Velveteen Rabbit and the thrilling digital adventures with Lexa, highlighting the themes of emotional connections and the balance between reality and technology.

Tickets and performance dates at Geordie Theatre Fest
to be announced.

Themes and Concepts

➜   Reality

➜   Imagination and Technology

➜   Adaption

➜   Growth

➜   Coping with Change


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Cast and Team

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