March 25th 2017

Water Weight

Written by Jesse Stong
Directed by Mike Payette

Funding for this project provided by Libres comme l’art
Supported by Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal

(Elementary School Tour)
On a hot summer day, when they wanna stay cool... all the kids go on down to the towns swimming pool! A grade seven girl with a chubby little puppy, and a grade eight boy with a feisty feline friend, throw insults at a pool and spin out into a whirlwind of adventure. The magical swimming pool comes to life to make both their deepest wishes rise to the surface; as the boy starts to grow and the girl starts to shrink, everything begins to flow out of control! A show for children that plays with size while looking at issues with self-image; reminding us all that every water drop is a little bit different.

March 25th 2017

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