Boys With Cars - Geordie Theatre
November 24 – December 2, 2017

Boys With Cars

Written, choreographed and performed by
Anita Majumdar
Directed by Brian Quirt

Commissioned by Nightswimming Theatre in conjunction with Young People’s Theatre, Toronto
and The Banff Centre

*Content advisory: explicit language (swearing and sex terminology)

An audacious pair of stories about the lives of young Canadian women, Boys With Cars is set in a Canadian high school where cultures collide, women struggle for status, and dancing raises the temperature of every moment. Featuring classical Indian, Bollywood and hip-hop music and choreography, the piece tells the story of Naznin, a classically trained dancer who dreams of leaving her small town for the bright lights of the city. Here, we are invited into her life and witness her struggle to balance her traditional heritage, her tumultuous relationships with the boys in her high school, and realizing her potential. It is a coming-of-age piece with tremendous comic flourish and potent dances, that is at once bold and innovative while being wildly funny and engaging.

Winner of 2 Dora Mavor Moore Awards!
Under the Theatre for Young Audiences Division:

Outstanding New Play (Anita Majumdar)
Outstanding Performance - Individual (Anita Majumdar)

Anita Majumdar has written vividly about the sexual pressures on teens in this bold, unsettling play. She creates a victim of bullying who does not cave and she creates a bully with whom we have compassion. Stunning.

The Passionate Playgoer, Toronto


Will be playing at
Le Monument-National, Studio Hydro Québec
1182 Boul St-Laurent

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