For adults

Geordie’s Workplace Workshops are actively rebuilding the social and emotional connections essential to workers’ creativity, efficiency, and confidence!

With Geordie’s Workplace Workshops, you and your team will build the skills needed to adapt to an ever-changing organizational environment, using universal theatre techniques that develop more dynamic and energized teams.

Two fun-filled workshops are currently being offered to groups of five to 30 people*


Creating a Culture of Collaboration

Hands-on exploration of the skills most important to improvisers; listening, accepting, and making offers. Through engaging games and activities, your team is guaranteed to laugh and learn – gaining access to the many benefits of this workshop.


Tapping into your inner actor: Bringing the best YOU forward

Discover techniques used by actors to help bring their best foot forward. Through a series of theatre exercises your team will connect to the power of their voices, gain awareness of their bodies in space, and explore relaxation techniques to help manage stress and anxiety.


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