Will the 2Play Tour be operating for the 2022-2023 Season?

Absolutely! Our tour is planned to operate from September to April as usual, with the option of live-streaming if it is not possible to visit your school in person.

What precautions are you going to take while visiting schools?

Geordie Theatre will continue to follow the guidelines set out by public health authorities as they appear, and we are preparing several different methods to bring our content to you this year. From new sanitation protocols for our sets and actors, to digital and live-streaming options, we are getting ready to adapt to new situations as soon as they develop.

How will the livestream work?

.A week before the date and time of our visit with you, our Schools Liaison will send you a weblink that will direct you to a special viewing area on our website.
Tune in using the weblink ten minutes before the show to be ready for the performance.
After the show, stay connected for our live Talkback with the students using a ‘chat’ function.

What if there is a malfunction in our internet?

Don’t worry! In the case of an internet issue, Geordie Theatre will provide limited access to a filmed version of the production for your students to enjoy. We will then try and connect briefly for a question-and-answer period, like always!

For more information or to book a field trip or tour,

Contact our Schools Liaison
Caite Clark at schools@geordie.ca
(514) 845-9810 Ext.205