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Geordie Theatre is back in person
A play about identity and acceptance
From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea: Geordie Theatre presents a play of self-discovery
Jimmy Blais on CKUT’s Upstage
Geordie Theatre presents its second virtual edition of Geordie Theatre Fest
Geordie Theatre Fest 2022 is livestreaming from Feb. 9 to 13
Theatre in the province is postponed until further notice
Geordie Theatre is throwing a Holiday Bash and online auction
«Jonathan : La figure du goéland» – Cruelle différence
Jonathan : la figure du goéland – Repousser les limites corporelles et sociales
Jonathan: A Seagull Parable’ uses drama and dance to explore the limits and freedoms of community, identity, and physicality
Jonathan : la figure du goéland ou jouer au théâtre avec un handicap physique
«Jonathan : la figure du goéland» – Nouvelle envolée
Une nouvelle œuvre théâtrale à la salle Fred-Barry
Geordie Unveils Kids’ Theatre Lineup