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Geordie Theatre School (GTS) Bursary Fund

The GTS Bursary Fund began in 2016 with the generous support of the Evenko Foundation, which enabled us to provide financial support to children from lower economic and marginalized backgrounds to participate in Geordie Theatre School. Since that initial year, 27 kids have benefited from the program. By establishing a bursary program, Geordie Theatre School was able to offer the GTS Experience to even more youth across the Greater Montreal Area regardless of their financial circumstances. The GTS Bursary Fund offers scholarships to benefit youth from lower economic backgrounds and allows them the opportunity to engage in the performing arts with professional artists. The GTS Bursary allows even more youth to increase their Confidence, Creativity and Craft through a dynamic introduction to theatre.

"Finally, an inclusive program giving kids the occasion to try theatre. My daughter enjoyed her experience and I was amazed with what she learned in her classes. When I asked her what she liked about her theatre classes, she spontaneously replied: everything!" - parent of a 6 year old bursary recipient

"I’m almost 13 and this is my first year at Geordie Theatre School. It’s fun, awesome and allows me to be as creative as I can be. The scholarship they gave us was extremely helpful and my family and I really appreciate it. GTS is an amazing experience and I enjoy it very much." - 13 year old bursary recipient

"I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be an actor and I would really wish that many other kids can also participate in this theater class and share the joy with me. I enjoy Geordie Theatre School because they have great activities, great games and good teachers. So, thank you Geordie Theatre School." - 9 year olds bursary recipient

To apply for a GTS Bursary for our Fall 2018 Session please fill out the GTS Bursary Application Form and return to GTS Director, Jessica Abdallah, by January 21st 2019.

We are reaching out to funding bodies, corporations and individuals alike so that the GTS Bursary Fund can keep inspiring the next generation of theatre makers. Every donation helps so if you would like to learn more about the GTS Bursary Fund or to make a donation, please contact GTS Director, Jessica Abdallah.

Jessica Abdallah
GTS Director, Geordie Theatre School
Phone: 514-845-9810
Fax: 514-845-3634